Hello fellow fashionistas,

I am Anna Orkiszewska. I’ve decided to share my experiences in the fashion industry with you on this blog for all you fashion forward people.

This is your chance to see behind the scenes of the fast-paced fashion world – to see what it’s really like.


This blog is about sharing ideas with a new audience in every generation. If that sounds like you, then  should stick around to check out the posts that are coming your way.


As for me, I am the Founder of a fashion agency, ” Passionnée de Mode ® Internationale “.     I decided  to launch my own fashion agency in London – the city of fashion – to show to the world what fashion is really about.


I want to welcome established designers and newly born designers to my shows. The ones who are bright, talented and finding their feet in the industry ; fashion isn’t just about the existing fashion labels, it’s about the up and coming creative minds who are introducing new and innovative ideas with their designs.



” Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months ” – Oscar Wilde

 For me, fashion is a façon d’être, not a style.

 Fashion is an art of personal self-expression, not an excuse to be pretty or popular or charismatic.

Fashion is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages.  It knows no bounds or prejudice.

 So  Welcome to my fashion blog. I hope you take the time to have a look around and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you’ll stop by again sometime.  

Let’s do Fashion together.


Speak soon,


Anna xoxo


©Copyright PdMI 2014. All rights reserved.


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